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Glad you're here. Versatility is my thing. You can hear me in commercials, video games, animated series, movie & show dubs, anime, narration, promos, sometimes even broody trailers. Who doesn't love to brood?If you're looking for a distinctive voice with character, a voice that cuts through the noise with grit & heart - I'm your person.Check out the links below for more info.


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Getting straight to the good stuff, huh? I like that about you.

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about me.

Often I'm described as tough-as-nails with a soft squishy center.

I'm known for being a connector of creatives, from actors to game developers, writers to visual artists - probably because I'm aggressively supportive (emphasis on aggressive), and a world-class tweeter of wry jokes. I'm told I have "tall energy" but jokes on you, I'm basically a chihuahua.

Born and raised in South Texas, I've lived all over - from Austin to Seattle to Minneapolis. I was raised in a military family with Spanish-speaking and Deaf/HoH family so communication, assistive technology, & accessibility are important to me. Celebrating what makes us unique makes us who we are.

As a survivor of abuse & assault, I am a passionate advocate for survivor support organizations, mental health, and creative outlets for children like arts education.

When I’m not voice acting, I am a professional klutz, a lover of Horror, Sci-Fi, or Cheesy movies (hello MST3K). I'm a podcast explorer, lover of travel, conversationalist, and adventure eater extraordinaire (ask me about the weirdest thing I’ve tried).

I am not a business. I am not a slick salesperson. I am just authentically me. My goal is to bring projects to life in the friendliest most efficient way. I love what I do & I've earned what I do, so I take pride in it & strive to make whatever I am working on the most important thing to me in the moment. There's no greater honor than to carry on the tradition of storytelling. There's no greater honor than to see you & treat you as the creative human being you are. So say hi. I like it when people say hi.

This is a photo of me. It's not super impressive, trust me.
This is a photo of me. It's not super impressive, trust me.

Latine (Mexico)

Bilingual (Spanish)

LGBT+ & Non-Binary


Sennheiser MKH 416


Solid State Logic SSL2


Adobe Audition 2022


Source Connect Standard SessionLink Pro Connection Open Zoom Skype ipDTL
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take a look under the hood.

I have recorded national commercials, animated series, various AAA games, & more, all from my humble little home studio.

meet some happy clients.

are you ready for a workout?

that was a rhetorical question. of course you are.

Hi there! If you're here, it's because one of my wonderful colleagues has recommended you, or you're reaching out because you want to succeed - good for you!

teaching style

how we're going to work together

If you've seen me around you probably know my communication style is direct, honest, & encouraging. I am an SBEC-certified voice teacher with degrees in both vocal performance and vocal pedagogy (teaching). I also have a PMP in Project Management with an emphasis on project improvement. Because of this my teaching emphasis is on voice, aural training, taking direction, marketing, & organization - not necessarily acting as an art form. This is what makes me different from your average workshop!My goal as a teacher is not to tell you "the right way" - there is no such thing. I'm also not here to tell you what to do. I AM here to help you get in touch with and analyze your natural instincts. My goal is to help you build long-term skills you will use forever, like ear training, voice training, & analytical skills so that you can teach yourself as you progress through your career. My goal is to help you find the tools you need within yourself. If I've done my job right, you won't even know I've helped at all, you'll just feel prepared & successful.


NOTE: I do not provide ongoing "forever-coaching", so my sessions do have an end-point. I do this because I have my own VO career to focus on and because I don't think it's ethical or fair to you to create a reliance on coaching. We all have to fly from the nest & experiment for ourselves!All of my classes are one-on-one customized coaching. If you would like me to teach a group class or VO workout, please e-mail me for availability.

step 1: choose a subject

vocal technique.

My main area of expertise. As a former professional opera singer I know how to keep your voice healthy & in top athletic shape. Did you know you're an athlete? I will teach how to take care of your instrument, breathe properly, stretch your vocal range, & use your voice not only effectively but safely.

aural skills.

As a Voice Actor your ears are just as important as your voice. It won't matter what vocal gymnastics you can do if you can't recreate it. I will teach you to train your ears to hone into the subtleties of your performances and pick up on what other actors do so you can add them to your own toolbox.

industry trends.

As a new or growing VA it's hard to pick up on existing "tribal knowledge" as to what is expected of you. We will discuss what is generally accepted as "industry standard" so that you can proceed with confidence. As someone who has worked in just about every facet of VO, I am able to communicate generally accepted practices, live direction best practices, audition techniques, industry standard pay & more. We will also discuss the ever-changing trends in the commercial or character VO space.

social marketing.

Social media may be awful, but it is the single greatest FREE tool we have to reach our audience. Are you optimizing your socials to show who you are and catch the eye of the people who will get you work? If you know yourself fairly well & what makes you YOU, I can help you network honestly & authentically.

script analysis.

Characters are empty vessels for you to fill with yourself. I will teach you to climb into the head of your character & engage psychologically, form opinions, ideas, and backstory, all while understanding your place in time & setting. Did you know commercial copy requires a similar level of analysis & marketing knowledge? I will teach you to analyze a company's message so you can convey it with your unique flavor.

career marketing.

Are you stuck in the dreaded "vo plateau"? I can help get you unstuck, brainstorm ideas to move your career forward, help you maintain the many plates you've got spinning, or even just get more organized. I can help you map out realistic VO goals & how to achieve them, manage your time better, get control of your schedule & inbox and more.

step 2: how in-depth



1-HOUR SESSIONA quick chat info dump. Best for:
The new & curious
Working pros that already have foundational knowledge & want to skip the beginner stuff and deepen existing knowledge.


lecture & interactive

1-HOUR SESSION x2The perfect balance to both introduce new concepts and then apply them. This will be tailored to fit what you already know & do live-read practice together, if applicable. Session 1: Lecture
Session 2: Interactive

deep dive.

lecture & interactive

1-HOUR SESSION x3A quick & dirty 3-hour deep dive for those serious about breaking into a specific skillset. Where applicable, I will give you "homework" between sessions where you will read copy & we will analyze your process & discuss. Can be extended to more than three sessions by request only. Session 1: Lecture
Session 2: Interactive
Session 3: Interactive

step 3: schedule + pay

$50 per session.

All sessions are paid for when scheduled, so you control when you can afford them. This means you don't have to pay for all sessions ahead of time, which allows you maximum financial flexibility for uncertain times.

payment methods

PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal (preferred), WISE, CashApp, Venmo


Sessions are conducted via Google Meet or Discord. Please be sure to provide your Discord ID when scheduling. Video is not required.

general policies.

Life happens. I have no problem canceling or rescheduling as long as notice is provided at least 1 hour prior to meeting.If you reschedule more than 2 times or need more than 2 weeks between sessions, I will put your coaching on hold until you are ready to proceed. I do this so you are not spending your sessions re-hashing what was discussed previously & are able to move forward.No-call no-shows are not refundable.

ready + set + go!

ready? let me know all about it.