Melissa Medína

voice actor

Hey, glad you're here. Versatility is my thing. You can hear me in everything from international commercial campaigns to AAA games, in that annoying animated character kids love, movies & shows, buttoned-up business narrations, sometimes even broody trailers. Who doesn't love to brood?Check out the links below for more info.

repped by: acm talent & sbv talent

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Getting straight to the good stuff, huh? I like that about you.

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I'm known for playing anyone tough. Extra points for tough & funny. I play everything from soldiers, loving disciplinarians, sympathetic villains, succubi, vampires, giantesses, but especially loud weirdos. Which is funny because I am actually a shy introvert in real life, but I'm by no means short on personality. Often I'm described as foul-mouthed & tough-as-nails with a soft squishy center.I'm well-known for being a connector of creatives, from actors to game developers, writers to visual artists - probably because I'm aggressively supportive, and a world-class tweeter of wry self-deprecating jokes. I'm told I have "tall energy" but jokes on you, I'm basically a chihuahua.Born and raised in South Texas, educated in Austin TX, worked in Seattle WA, and now reside in Minneapolis MN, I can get along anywhere. I was raised in a military family with Spanish-speaking and Deaf/HoH family. I learned quickly that communication, assistive technology, & accessibility are important, & celebrating our differences & cultures helps make us who we are.As a survivor of abuse, I am also a passionate advocate & guest speaker for survivor support organizations, mental health, and creative outlets for children like arts education.I am a certified voice teacher & former professional opera singer, have over 10 years experience in medical IT & project management, & for a short time was a fetal & pediatric echocardiographer. All this to say, I am an intensely curious person (for better or worse) with a love for helping and a font of random factoids.When I’m not voice acting, I am a professional klutz, a lover of Horror, Sci-Fi, or Cheesy movies (hello MST3K). I'm a podcast explorer, lover of travel, drinker of wine, devourer of tacos, and adventure eater extraordinaire (ask me about the weirdest thing I’ve tried).My goal is to bring projects to life in the friendliest most efficient way. I know everybody says that, but you'll see. I strive to make whatever I am working on big or small the most important thing to me in the moment. To see you & treat you as the creative human being you are. So say hi. I like it when people say hi.

This is a photo of me. It's not super impressive, trust me.

Latine: Mexico/Spain

Bilingual (Spanish)

LGBT+ & Non-Binary

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Sennheiser MKH 416


Solid State Logic SSL2


Adobe Audition 2022


Source Connect Standard, Source Connect Now, SessionLink Pro, Connection Open, Zoom, Skype, ipDTL + more

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I have recorded national commercials, animated series, various AAA games, & more, all from my humble little home studio.

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